Personal Board of Directors

Collapse the time it takes to  conquer your most pressing challenges.

Gain the wisdom and confidence to reach new heights in your career, leadership, and personal life.




Everyone gets stuck sometimes, even successful people.

My unique perspective and insight will challenge your current mindset and break apart your limiting beliefs, allowing you to find the direction to greater success and fulfillment.

How we can help

For over 20 years Joey has helped hundreds of leaders to establish the tools, plans, and mindset necessary to overcome the most important obstacles in their lives.


Just like athletes need trainers and companies need Boards of Directors, high performing individuals need support and guidance on a personal and professional level.

Your PBD exists to act as a sounding board and a source of advice, to guide you and to provide you with feedback on your life decisions, opportunities and challenges. We provide you with unfiltered feedback that you can’t necessarily get from colleagues or friends.

Think of the issue you have been struggling with. Now, imagine that you have reframed it so that you can see how it can improve your life. Also imagine that you have a plan and are actively taking steps to reach your goal. How do you feel? My guess is that you are happy, feeling positive about the future, and empowered.

Our PBD service will give you a fresh perspective, allowing you to break through your personal barriers.

PBD is a 5 month program en which you will meet with Joey
3 times a month (every 10 days).

The areas we cover are:

Month 1

Live by "design" versus "default"

Understand who you are, why you do what you do, who you want to become (your “future self”) and define your “Game changing” goal.

Month 2

Reframe the past and drop your old identity

Understand the “story” that’s holding you back, why it actually happened “for you” not “to you”, and use it to propel you forward. Start to take actions to work towards eliminating the mindset of your “former self”.

Month 3

Do the work

Transform into your “future self” with tools and techniques to adopt your new identity.

Month 4

Accelerate time

Advanced tools and techniques to compress the time it takes to be your “future self” and to reach your “Game changing” goal.

Month 5

Systematize, track, celebrate!

Routines to ensure that you don´t fall back into your old identity and habits. Rituals to ensure that you continue to advance and reach higher levels of fulfillment.

Quoted on a case by case basis, starting at

$17,500 + ITBMS

What our customers say:

Success can often bring with it big challenges, many that are difficult to conquer by yourself.

Don’t go it alone! To need guidance is to be human.

Our process:

Joey listens to your problems and goals

Joey challenges your current mindset

You overcome, and move forward

An outsider’s perspective can help you become the best version of yourself

Every leader wants the wisdom and confidence to solve problems and break through personal barriers, but sometimes you need help. After all, the most successful people are ones who surround themselves with trusted advisors.

With an MBA, a background in finance, and a focus on mindset and productivity enhancement, Joey advises business and industry leaders from The United States to South America.

His approach to personal development is rooted in an understanding and appreciation of the struggles you face on a daily basis.

Follow Joey:


¡Empieza a mejorar tu “Mindset” ya!

4 pasos para identificar, retar y reemplazar tus creencias limitantes.

El “ciclo del éxito” y por qué la gente no alcanza sus objetivos.

No one should feel like their problems are unsolvable

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Business hours

Monday thru friday

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 


TEL. + (507) 310-0078

CEL. + (507) 6677-8270


Virtual Office



1.) Joey Levy is a specialist in productivity and mindset that helps people overcome their limiting beliefs in order to become the best version of themselves. Joey is not a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor and therefore is not trained in diagnosing psychological and/or medical conditions related to mental and/or physical health. Joey does not diagnose or recommend treatment of mental disorders as defined by the laws of the United States of America and/or The Republic of Panama and his services are not be used as a substitute for professional counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and/or any other professional advice from qualified legal, medical, or other professionals.

 2.) Joey´s customers understand that it is their sole responsibility to seek any necessary independent professional guidance and help that they need. If a customer of Joey´s is currently under the care of a mental health professional, they should inform their mental health care provider of the nature and extent of the services offered by Joey Levy.

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